Life line Palm Secrets

When it comes to palmistry, the sky is often the limit when it comes to learning new things about ourselves – whether that revolves around our personality or character, or what the future may hold. Some of the biggest insights that can be obtained by reading the life line palm. While this line – one of the major three on the palm, alongside the head and heart lines – can give an indication on how lengthy a lifespan you may be able to expect, there is much more to the life line in the palm. Learning the secrets of palmistry, and the palm’s life line in particular, can unlock a great many mysteries of the human condition.

The life line

The life line on your palm is located at the far right of your hand, between the thumb and the forefinger. Once you have found this line, take a good look and really get an idea of how it looks. Is it a single or double line? Is the line faint and barely visible, or deep and colorful? Is the line straight and direct, or does it follow a curve? All of these questions are relevant, and offer differing insights into each unique individual – the lifeline palm is one of the most versatile and important elements of any palm reading.

Lets begin by discussing the length of your lifeline. While it’s true that if this line stretches the full length of your palm it is a sign of a long and healthy life, there others to look out for. If you spot a breakage in the line it suggests that you may experience some kind of sickness or accident during your life, but you will be able to recover from this accordingly. A long lifeline also suggests that you will not be susceptible to illnesses, viruses and general sickliness, and you are generally a vibrant person that does not struggle for energy. This is especially prominent if you have a double line, which suggests that you are filled with vim and vigor.

Struggling to keep on top of your energy?

A double line that curves at a bend is a particularly good omen for you, as a curve suggests that you will never struggle to retain your levels of energy and general vivaciousness. A straight line suggests that you may struggle to keep on top of your energy, however, so be cautious not to allow yourself to grow exhausted and burn out. This is particularly important if you have a light, faint life line, no matter how long it is; this kind of lifeline on your palm suggests that you prioritize intellectual pursuits over manual labor. Physical work is more endearing to you if you have a thick lifeline in your palm that sits within a deep groove though, which suggests that you can work feverishly without growing exhausted and weary!

The life line palm provides a wealth of information, and a skilled reader will be able to pull even more information from this element of palmistry. If you’d like to have a reading from an experienced guide, you can do so without even leaving your sofa; simply download the PalmistryHD app for iOS or Android and allow us to do the rest. It’ll be a fascinating insight into this ever-popular spiritual practice.

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