What Do the Lines on Your Hand Mean?

Ever since the early days of the art in India and China, palm readers have been using the unique markings on hands to learn more about people – and to share this information with them, including what the future may hold. That’s right, a palm reader will be able to gain all kinds of insights into your life simply by taking a look at the shape of your hand, and the lines found in your palm. If you find yourself wondering what the lines on your hand mean, allow us to offer a short explanation of each.

• The lifeline, found on the right of the palm between the thumb and the index finger, suggests how long you can expect to live, and whether this life will be filled with energy and vitality. The thicker and more pronounced this line is, the less likely you are to grow sick or exhausted in your life – if it’s thin and faint, conserve your energy carefully.
• The wisdom line, located just above the lifeline, will explain just how your mind works with regard to logical thinking, creativity and impulse control. The longer this line is, the more likely you are to engage in and pursue intellectual activities – shorter lines denote an impulsive nature.
• The heart line, which is found on the left of the palm, shines a light on your attitudes toward love – both romantic and platonic. This is accompanied by the marriage line just above it, which will denote if you will have one or multiple marriages. Again, the longer the line, the more likely you are to enjoy a lengthy marriage – though a short or missing line does not denote the threat of loneliness, but rather a suggestion that you will marry later in life. You’ll also find the children lines here; deep grooves denote sons, and narrower lines suggest daughters.
• The fate line (or luck line) is found in the center of your palm, and will guide you in affairs related to work and career. A stronger line suggests that you will enjoy success as an entrepreneur or investor. Again, do not fear a short or missing line – this just means that you may need to try a handful of different jobs and careers before settling upon what makes you happy.

This is an insight into what just some of the lines on your hand mean. There are a great many smaller, minor lines throughout the palm that a skilled practitioner will be able to identify and explain. As you can see, there is a lot that can be learned from palmistry – which is why the PalmistryHD app, available on all smartphone and tablet app stores, can offer you a full reading after taking a scan of your own hand. Install and download the app today for a real insight into what the lines on your hand mean, and take a peek into what your future may hold!

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