Palmistry is simultaneously one of the most popular yet misunderstood spiritual practices in the world. Originating in eastern nations such as China and India but now growing increasingly prevalent throughout the world as a way of gaining insights into the human condition. Forget pop culture visions of elderly crones at a fairground tossing out vague statements in exchange for a silver coin; palmistry can be an extremely potent and accurate way of gaining information about us, and our relationships with others, when a skilled practitioner conducts a reading on your behalf!

Palmistry involves the use of both hands, though it places particular emphasis on the right. The lines located on the right hand offer particular insight into any all matters that may concern somebody interested in a reading, such as affairs of the heart, the chances of attracting financial success and abundance, a career path or journey into successful entrepreneurship, health and lifespan, and a great deal more – there is very little that cannot be gleaned from a palm reading, as much like a fingerprint, every individual’s palm is unique. However, the left hand is just as important as it reflects the journey and experiences of our past.

We are all products of our environment and our experiences, so this supplemental information can be equally pivotal – or, in some cases, even more important! Regardless of whether you simply wish to know what the future may hold, have been tossing and turning at night wondering if you made a correct or bad judgment call in your past, or are facing a crossroads in your life and would like some guidance as to which path to choose, palmistry can provide the answers that you are looking for.

There is more to palmistry that simply assessing the lines found on a palm and revealing the meanings of these grooves. Any practiced and skilled palm reader will also be able to tell a great deal about you simply by the shape of your hand. Consider how the twelve signs of the Zodiac are divided by the elements – wind, air, earth and fire – and that these elements can often provide insight to the character of a person.

The hand also provides this categorization, based on the size and shape of the palm and fingers – and anybody with sufficient experience in palmistry will be able to spot which element your hand belongs to with a minimum of fuss. Combine these personality traits with a reading of the palm lines and you will have a real insight into your personality, past and future!

If this information has whetted your appetite for more information on palmistry, and made you feel that you would like a reading of your own, you can easily obtain an insight into your own future and personality through the PalmistryHD app. Available on your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you run an iOS or Android device, you will learn a great deal about yourself, your past and your future through one of our expert readers!

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