Palm Reading Guide

As the human race becomes increasingly aware of spirituality throughout the world, it’s hardly a surprise that palmistry – sometimes referred to simply as palm reading – has become very popular. No longer simply the preserve of the east, anybody that is prepared to apply themselves to learning and really discover how to do so can now read palms – and, in doing so, learn a huge amount about their subject. Allow us to provide a brief palm reading guide, to give some insights into this fascinating mystical process.

Although the lines on the palm are a hugely prominent element of the palmistry process, the very shape of the hand should not be neglected; a lot can be learned about somebody from their hands. Any follower of astrology will be aware that the signs of the Zodiac are divided into the four core elements – earth, wind, fire and earth – and palmistry also follows these principles. Depending on the size and shape of your palm and fingers, you will be assigned an elemental profile – and you may well find yourself astonished at just how accurate these profiles can be when describing your own personality!

Naturally, however, you may be interested in learning about how the lines of your palm reading guide you through the highs and lows of life. Every palm is different and will yield a different result, so it’s important that you use your right hand for this process, as this is the ‘mature’ palm (your left hand is associated more with childhood). You will find all kinds of lines on your right hand, which an experienced palm reader will divide into major and minor categories.

The major categories are the three lines that dominate the palm – the lifeline, which stretches all the way from the right hand side of the palm and describes your levels of energy and vigor as much as life expectancy; the head line (this may be referred to as the wisdom line), which concerns itself with your logical and creative thinking processes and can be found across the center of your palm; and the love line, which is located on the upper left of the palm. These lines are complemented by any number of smaller equivalents, which make up the minor lines – these will provide insight in marriages, children, general health and career success.

This no doubt has you intrigued, and has you considering when you may be able to find a personal palm reading guide to help you make sense of what your own hand is trying to tell you. Enter PalmistryHD – an app available for iOS and Android that takes a scan of your hand and palm, and provides a detailed reading from an experienced palmistry practitioner. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investigating PalmistryHD, so install the app today – you may be amazed at what you learn about yourself in doing so.

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