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PalmistryHD and Daily Horoscope is the ultimate fortunetelling app that will reveal your future. Take a photo of your palm and see a personal prediction for your health, love life, success, career, money and happiness!


Will you…

– struggle with loneliness, or find a loving partner and enjoy a happy marriage, surrounded by friends?
– live a long, healthy life, free from unwelcome illness?
– make the right career choices, leading to success over failure?
– find yourself burdened by debt, or live in wealth and luxury?

Get the answers now with PalmistryHD!

How it works

1. Take a photo of your palm
2. Your palm will be automatically analysed by the powerful biometric algorithm
3. See your palm reading instantly



Topics covered

Be amazed by how much your palm will reveal about you!
Get answers to these (and many more) questions:

• how you can build better relationships
• how you cope with boredom and restrictions
• how to nurture your relationships
• how to unlock your potential, be more effective
• how you will be healthier
• how you sabotage your own happiness
• how you’ll make more money
• what other people think of you
• what you need to do to boost your career
• will you struggle with loneliness
• will you find love and have many friends
• why people like you or not
• how you’ll achieve the security you’re after
• why sometimes things don’t go as you wanted
• how you can avoid frustrations
• why you are insecure sometimes
• why you sometimes doubt past decisions
• why you worry and how to stop this
• secret insights into your personality type
• your sexual adjustment
• your weaknesses and how to overcome them


Palm lines being analysed:

Life line; indicates general well-being, physical health, major life changes
Heart line; indicates your emotional stability and romantic relationships
Head line; represents intellect, learning style, communcation style
Fate line; indicates how much of your life is affected by circumstances beyond your control


Daily Horoscope

Know what astrology and the planets have in store for you today.
Check the daily horoscope for your zodiac instantly with PalmistryHD and Daily Horoscope.


About Palmistry – Palm Reading

Palm reading is also known as palmistry and reveals individual personality and character traits through the study of the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers. There are two different branches in this ancient science. The first one is Chiromancy which deals with the lines on the palm and the second is Chirognomy which deals with the shape of the hands, the color, shape and texture of the palm, fingers and thumb.


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