Lifeline in Hand

Palmistry is a hugely popular practice that shines a great deal of insight into our past, present and future, as well shining a light on our characteristics and personalities that we may not even be aware of. You can make use of a palm reading to really gain an understanding into what the future holds for you by assessing the shape of your hand and assessing the lines that make up the palm – all of which will be unique to you as an individual, much like a fingerprint.

The lifeline in your hand is arguably the most popular line that can be assessed in any reading, as it provides information on how long you can expect to live – and whether you can anticipate any major health concerns throughout this time. Who wouldn’t want to know this!

There are three major lines used in palmistry, of which this one. The lifeline in the hand is found at the edge of the palm, between the thumb and forefinger – track this down on your own hand, and assess the results. The ideal lifeline is a long, deep and prominent one, as this does not just denote a long life – it also suggests that you will be filled with energy and vitality, and not likely to fall foul to any unwelcome diseases or conditions that will leave you inactive – if you have a double line so much the better, as this means you will bounce back from any mishaps very quickly!

The thickness of the lifeline in your hand will also give some insight into what activities you are best suited to. A thick and very clearly noticeable lifeline suggests that you will most enjoy embracing physicality in your professional and personal lives. A fainter line, meanwhile, is nothing to worry about – it simply means that you prefer to utilize your intelligence over pure brawn, and are more interested in quieter, intellectual pursuits.

You should also pay attention to the shape of your lifeline, as this will give an indication of your energy. A swirling lifeline suggests that you are filled with energy and vigor, while a straight direction suggests that you are likely to tire easily and find yourself growing weary. Also keep an eye out for any breaks in your lifeline, as this suggests that you may experience an accident or illness in during your life – again, don’t panic, this doesn’t mean a fatality!

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