Palm Reading Lines

The art of palmistry has a great many purposes. A skilled reader of palms will be able to tell you a huge amount about yourself after examining your hand, some of which will raise your eyebrows for a number of different reasons – not only will it be accurate enough for you to wonder just how your reader managed to know these things about yourself, but you may even start to think deeper and discover some things about yourself that you have never previously considered.

Palm reading lines are the core way that any practitioner of palmistry learns more about you – although the shape of your hand will also give a little insight. She you visit a palm reader, they will ask you to present your right hand (and sometimes the left, although the right hand is the dominant appendage; the left hand typically represents your childhood, and your right hand maturity into adulthood and beyond) where the palm will be assessed. The lines found on this palm will then be looked over, and insights into your past, present and future will be provided. Yes, that’s right – even events that are yet to transpire can be drawn from a palm reading, lines weaving a story that only a skilled follower of the art will be able to understand.

The lines found on any palm are typically divided into two groups, major and minor. Major palm lines include the lifeline, which will always be a core area of interest (will you live a long and healthy life and enjoy general good health and vitality, or are you destined to be sickly and regularly tired? Your lifeline will explain!), the wisdom line (which represents your intellect and general aptitude for creative and lateral thinking), and your heart line (which offers insight into your love life – will you you live a full life surrounded by platonic and romantic love?)

A cursory glance at your palm will reveal a number more lines for reading, however – these are known as minor lines. These include lines that will provide insight into your general health (will any major or minor illnesses impact in your quality of life), marriage (will you find yourself married – and if so, will this be more than once in your life?), money (will you attract financial security and abundance, allowing yourself and your family to live a life free from financial concerns?), fate (what does your career hold – will you be an employee, or will you be able to seek out a new life as an entrepreneur and work for yourself) – and more.

As you can probably tell, this means that an experienced and talented palm reader will make the most sense of these lines. This is why the PalmistryHD app has been created, offering readings to anybody that installs the app from the iOS or Android stores. This app will take a snapshot of your hand and palm and respond with a full, accurate reading from a skilled palmistry practitioner that understands palm reading lines. Check out the app today!

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