Hand Lines Meaning

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, revolves around a skilled practitioner taking a look at the hand or palm of an individual and gaining insights and understanding into their character and life through the bespoke markings found within. Every person has their own arrangement of lines on their palm, with their hand lines meaning different things.

The first hand line meaning that anybody will often look into is their lifeline, which is found on the right hand side of the palm – between the thumb and forefinger. A long, strong lifeline will reflect a lengthy lifespan and general good health and high levels of energy and vitality – and the thicker the line, the less likely you are to experience a string of minor illnesses and general levels of exhaustion. The lifeline isn’t the only major hand line meaning, however – the palm also boasts the head line, which begins in the same place and stretches across the middle of the hand in order to denote wisdom and logic. The longer this line, the more logically you tend to think – a shorter line suggests a slightly more impulsive nature. The third major hand line meaning is the heart line, aka the love line. This is located on the left of the palm, below the little finger, and stretches across the palm to the right. A love line that runs the length of a palm suggests that, whilst loyal, you may be a little too inflexible – an ideal love line will cover two-thirds of the palm.

Of course, your palm is home to a great many more lines that just three, however; the remainder of these markings are known as the minor lines, and all have their own hand line meanings. The marriage line is located above the heart ine, and a longer line will suggest an equally long and happy marriage – a shorter line suggests that you will marry later in life. The fate line, sometimes referred to as the luck line, relates to your business and career affairs – the longer and deeper this line, the more likely you are to enjoy career success for yourself, potentially as an entrepreneur. Do not worry if your line is short and shallow, though; this hand line meaning suggests that your fate is not quite set, and there will be many twists and turns to come that remain within your control. The health line, meanwhile, runs from the edge of the left of your palm – a long health line that does not cross over with your lifeline suggests that you will enjoy good health throughout your life.

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