Is Your Relationship Healthy? These 7 Secret Palmistry Signs Reveal the Truth!

Relationships are great, but it’s only natural that questions are asked after a while. Do you ever look over at your partner and wonder if things between you are still on the right track?

The good news is that the answer to any question you may have is in the palm of your hand – literally. Palmistry is a key way of reading into your relationship, gaining insight into yourself and your attitudes to love and romance if only you know what to look out for.

The Heart Line

To learn about what your palm means for your relationship, just flip your right hand. You’re on the hunt for your Heart Line, which is one of the three major lines on the palm; you’ll find it at the top of the palm, a little below the fingers.

Found it? Great. Now take a closer look and see if you can identify any of the telltale signs found below. This will give you a real insight into whether you’re destined to enjoy a long and happy relationship, or it’s time to renew your Tinder profile and exercise your swiping thumb!

Size Matters. The length of your Heart Line provides a great deal of insight as to how you approach love. People with short, unremarkable Heart Lines tend to place their own needs first, and could find that they alienate aspiring partners through ignorant and selfish behavior. An extremely long Heart Line isn’t necessarily a sign of eternal happiness either, though; people with such a lengthy marking may find that they are drawn into co-dependent relationships, and display an unwillingness to roll with the punches and adapt where necessary. Keep an eye on that, and freshen things up if you need to!

How Deep is Your Love? The depth of a Heart Line can be a key identifier of your personality. Run your fingers over the line, and see if it creates a deep groove. If so, it suggests that are profoundly emotional and in touch with your feelings – though some may argue that you feel a little too much. You see, the deeper the Heart Line, the more likely you are to bring stress into your life and relationship – especially if the deep line is long and straight. A long, straight and deep Heart Line is one of the palmistry signs that you’re prone to feeling jealous and resentful, which is rarely a cornerstone of a successful romantic union. Try to keep those tendencies in check!

Follow the Curve. Many Heart Lines curve, either upward or down. Don’t panic if yours is entirely straight, though (unless it’s particularly deep, as we’ve covered above). A faint and straight Heart Line is a sign that you’re comparatively stable and sensible when dealing with affairs of the heart, using logic over emotion most of the time. Just be careful that you don’t get a reputation as an emotionless robot – it’s OK to make your feelings known every now and again!

Keep an eye out for overt waviness in the line too though, as that could be a warning that you do not take you relationships are seriously as you should. If your Heart Line curves downward, that’s not one of the entirely positive palmistry signs. It suggests that you play your cards too close to your chest, and others – including your partner – are reluctant to place their trust in you. Try to open up a little, and be honest and clear with your intentions! An upward curve is altogether more appealing, as it suggests that you’re a skilled linguist. You can create an atmosphere of romance, and don’t shy away from expressing your love for others.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do. You may find some breakages along your Heart Line. These signify the heartbreak and relationship setbacks that we’ll all experience at some time or another in our romantic lives! A series of breaks all along the Heart Line suggest that you struggle with monogamy and commitment. A small break, after which the lines do not quite match up, suggests that you may hit a plateau in a relationship whereby you and your partner constantly quarrel over minor things. If that sounds familiar, be mindful and keep an eye on what’s happening. Try to focus on what’s important! A larger, single break is a little more serious – that suggests that you’ll experience at least one major break-up in your life, either to a marriage or a serious relationship. Remember, though, Palmistry is here to guide you. This breakage in your Heart Line could simply be a warning to work on your union before it’s too late.

A Fork in the Road. You may find that you Heart Line has a great many branches and forks at its endpoint. Upward-facing forks at the beginning of the line, closer to the pinky finger than the thumb, are encouraging. These suggest that you’re charming and charismatic, and have little trouble attracting potential romantic partners. Upward forks all through the line are generally positive, though; these denote a healthy, smooth love life. Keep an eye out for downward-facing forks, which could be a warning that you’ll experience disputes and disagreements with your partner on at least a semi-regular basis. If your Heart Line branches out into a trident shape at its very end it suggests that you are approachable – and a friend to all – but a tough nut to crack when it comes to relationships. A series of forks toward the end of the Heart Line, meanwhile, denote somebody that falls in love easily and often.

No Man – or Woman – is an Island. Keep an eye out for islands (small circles) throughout your Heart Line. These suggest that you can perhaps be a little inflexible when faced with change or a challenge, and you may need to work on being a little less stubborn if your relationship is to work out. Remember, any successful union comes down to striking the right balance between give and take!

Love and Marriage. Of course, the question on the lips of many unmarried people is whether they’ll ever get to enjoy a wedding day – and if so, whether that will lead to a fairy tale Happy Ever After. For that, we don’t actually look at the Heart Line; instead, look for a smaller line just above. This is the Marriage Line. A long and deep Marriage Line is what you’re hoping for – that suggests that not only will you enjoy a successful married life, but you’ll also experience success in your career and other aspects surrounding your life together. A shorter line doesn’t mean that you will not marry – just that the big day may arrive a little later in your life. Look out for the curves, too; a steep, high curve is a sign that you’ll enjoy wedded bliss. Downward curves are a symbol of marital discord though, so be mindful of those and try to need those petty arguments in the bud. Nothing good will come of them!

The optimum Heart and Marriage Line

The optimum Heart Line will stretch below the ring and middle fingers, ideally curving upward. This suggests a stable and loving individual, openhearted and approachable to all around them and destined for a long and happy relationship.
If you have no marriage line(s), it suggests that you are largely indifferent to the idea of a committed relationship. So if you can’t find a marriage line but like the idea of a wedding some day, it may be time to review your attitudes and actions toward your partner!

You may be surprised at just how much information you’ve managed to pry out of your palm – and there’s a lot more that can be learned from a full palm reading!

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