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Checking your daily horoscope is an unbreakable habit for many people all over the world. Why does this activity hold such fascination for so many?

Maybe it’s because we like to have an idea of what the future could hold for us, and prepare ourselves appropriately. Perhaps you have an important decision to make, and seek welcome guidance from the stars. Of course, it could simply be for fun!

Signs of the Zodiac

You star sign is decided by the location of the sun and moon while you were born. Far from random or incidental, the sign that you are born under will impact upon your personality traits. Each and every star sign comes with a set of common characteristics that you’ll recognize in yourself and your loved ones.

If you are not aware of your star sign, and what it may say about you, take a look below:


Capricorn: Born Dec 23 – Jan 20 (Earth Sign)

Strengths: Realistic, judicious, ambitious, methodical, patient, vigilant and witty.

Weaknesses: Gloomy, distrusting, negative, miserly and reluctant.

The typical Capricorn doesn’t care for flights of fancy or imagination; those born under this sign place higher value on practicality. This means that Capricorns are usually ambitious when it comes to their career and personal goals, and retain a great sense of self-discipline. The flipside of this, however, is that Capricorns often see the glass as being half-empty. Although they are capable of great patience and perseverance at times, a Capricorn may be somewhat pessimistic and prefer to stick to the tried and true. You won’t find a Capricorn taking many chances or gambling with their time or money.


Aquarius: Born Jan 21 – Feb 19 (Air Sign)

Strengths: Gregarious, loyal, creative, intelligent, independent and honest

Weaknesses: Contrary, flighty, aloof, inflexible and impulsive.

The Aquarius is the water carrier of the Zodiac, and this carries over into those born under the sign; a typical Aquarius is a creative dreamer, never afraid to embrace their intelligence. This makes an Aquarius a powerful ally, but equally a formidable opponent. People born under this sign are more than comfortable with their own company and do not need anybody else, which means that can sometimes feel a little cold or detached. Never tell an Aquarius what they should be thinking or feeling as they will disagree for the sake of being contrary, and their creative nature means that they can be somewhat impulsive and unpredictable.


Pisces: Born Feb 20 – Mar 20 (Water Sign)

Strengths: Sensitive, empathetic, kind, intuitive and nurturing

Weaknesses: Idealistic, unrealistic, gullible and vague.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are deeply sensitive souls, blessed with a great deal of empathy for their fellow human beings. If a Pisces has $100 in their pocket they’ll hand $50 over to a friend without thinking twice, and this compassion is a hugely admirable trait Unfortunately it can be abused by those with a less benevolent nature. The Pisces can sometimes be easily led, and have their spirits crushed by the realities of the modern world not living up their idealistic hopes and dreams.


Aries: Born Mar 21 – Apr 20 (Fire Sign)

Strengths: Brave, adventurous, intelligent, witty, confident and enthusiastic.

Weaknesses: Impatient, short-tempered, flighty, selfish and impulsive.

People born under this sign tend to be very intelligent and witty, and are frequently defined by a spirit for adventure. You’ll rarely find an Aries that is happy to settle for a quiet life, remaining in one place for too long. This means that Aries’ can be a little impulsive, and sometimes even selfish – they know what they want, and they will do what they can to ensure they achieve it. An Aries is also usually quite hot-tempered and quick to anger. Thankfully these bouts of temper are usually short-lived, and disappear as quickly as they arrive.


Taurus: Born Apr 21 – May 21 (Earth Sign)

Strengths: Patient, romantic, reliable, warm, attentive, placid and persistent.

Weaknesses: Jealous, inflexible, self-indulgent and unforgiving.

A Taurus is grounded and reliable, liking to know where they stand and feeling settled. They are fiercely loyal and protective, though this can also sometimes manifest as jealousy and possessiveness. The Taurus is a very deep thinker and romantic to a fault, and enjoys the finer things in life – aesthetic beauty, luxurious surroundings and financial security. The Taurus is also typically very calm and placid, but be careful about waving a red flag in front of this bull. Should you raise the ire of a Taurus their temper can be a sight to behold, and people born under this sign can hold a grudge for a lifetime and beyond!


Gemini: Born May 22 – Jun 22 (Air Sign)

Strengths: Versatile, intelligent, eloquent, communicative and vibrant.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent, superficial, contrary and nervous.

With Gemini represented by twins, people born under this sign have no aversion to changing their minds. A Gemini may prefer to be hot one day and cold the next, or declare a color to black at first then claim it’s pure white a moment later. This sign is nothing if not versatile and adaptable! Combined with a vibrant and fun-loving nature, the Gemini can be compelling company. Of course, this inconsistency is not to everybody’s taste, and the Gemini themselves can be left feeling a little insecure by the constantly shifting patterns in their lives and thoughts. This, in turn, can make them fearful and tense.


Cancer: Born Jun 22 – Jul 22 (Water Sign)

Strengths: Wise, emotional, protective, flexible, loving and sympathetic.

Weaknesses: Moody, changeable, clingy and easily offended.

A Cancer is a great person to turn to in a moment of crisis, as they are naturally able to roll with the punches and adapt to change. Somebody born under the sign of Cancer will be no stranger to love and empathy, and they will typically do what they can help anybody that needs their assistance. Tread a little carefully around such individuals and ensure that they understand the nature of your relationship, though. A Cancer loves deeply, which means they can get a little too attached to people. If somebody born under the sign of Cancer feels that you have let them down, their feelings can change in an instant.


Leo: Born Jul 23 – Aug 21 (Fire Sign)

Strengths: Brave, protective, generous, faithful and creative.

Weaknesses: Pompous, patronizing, intolerant and domineering.

The Leo is a true lioness. Those born under this sign live to serve and protect anybody that falls under their duty of care, and woe betide anybody that tries to harm such people. If you are under the protection of a Leo, expect an avalanche of love, loyalty and generosity – and the company of an intuitive and creative soul. Agitate a Leo, however, and you’ll know about it. People born under this sign do suffer fools gladly, and will never be shy about interfering if somebody is behaving in a way that does not match up to their lofty expectations.


Virgo: Born Aug 22 – Sep 23 (Earth Sign)

Strengths: Intelligent, dedicated, modest, practical and diligent.

Weaknesses: Obsessive, nervous, fussy and overcritical.

The Virgo is arguably the wisest and most reliable of all signs of the Zodiac. Analytical by their very nature, practicality is the key characteristic of any Virgo. Once somebody born under this sign sets their mind to something they will quietly and diligently get to work on it, refusing to be swayed from their course. This could be a negative characteristic if this quest for perfectionism starts to get in the way, though. If the Virgo does not waste too much energy worrying and fussing about things they cannot control they can achieve great things, but they may need plenty of encouragement along the way.


Libra: Born Sep 24 – Oct 23 (Air Sign)

Strengths: Harmonious, diplomatic, flirtatious, witty, adaptable and relaxed.

Weaknesses: Easily influenced, gullible, eager to please and indecisive.

A born diplomat, the Libra strives for balance in all situations. You may find that the Libra is often the person that steps forward with a compromise to resolve a problem, or acts as peacemaker in the event of a conflict; a typical Libra is flexible and easy-going to their very core. However, this also makes the Libra occasionally easy to manipulate, and some born under this sign may face accusations of being flighty and indecisive. Chameleonic by their very nature, the Libra will adapt to their surroundings and the people they spend time with. Whether this is positive or negative depends on those situations and people.


Scorpio: Born Oct 24 – Nov 22 (Water Sign)

Strengths: Emotional, loving, dedicated, intuitive, passionate and exciting.

Weaknesses: Compulsive, jealous, controlling, unforgiving and guarded.

The Scorpio lives for love. People born under this sign are usually hugely charismatic, and will follow anything that captures their heart through to the end. Those born under the sign of the Scorpio are also typically intuitive and empathetic, making them very reliable partners and friends – as long as you remember to treat them correctly. Much like the scorpion is equipped with a sting in its tail, a Scorpio will strike out against anybody they consider to have done them wrong, often with great anger and resentment. A Scorpio is loyal, and expects that loyalty to be returned. Fail to live up this the expectation and you may live to regret your decision.


Sagittarius: Born Nov 23 – Dec 22 (Fire Sign)

Strengths: Optimistic, creative, fun loving, intelligent, confident and enthusiastic.

Weaknesses: Impulsive, careless, irresponsible and tactless.

The Sagittarius operates a very simple life philosophy; go big or go home. People born under this sign are driven and determined, and once something captures their imagination they will do everything in their power to see it through to the best of their ability. Sometimes this means the Sagittarius fires arrows in a number of different directions at once though, making their aim occasionally wayward and scattergun as they shoot through blind optimism without thinking a situation through. Such thirst for life and new adventures makes the Sagittarius great company if you can keep up with the pace they set!


The Earth, Air, Water and Fire Signs

Each sign of the Zodiac is assigned to a different element; air, water, fire or earth. These different signs each come with their own characteristics, and will be found in their respective star signs.

Fire Signs
As the name suggests, can be somewhat combustible. Anybody born under the signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius will be blessed with a fierce intellect, a creative and curious nature and a hunger for new adventures and knowledge. Just tread carefully around a Fire sign, as unsurprisingly they run hot. You may find that your fingers are burned if they are not handled appropriately!

Air Signs
Take solace from solving problems and using their intellect. Those born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius will be great communicators, and they always like to maintain a peaceful equilibrium in their lives through peace and harmony. Like the wind itself, however, they can blow hot or cold. Never be surprised if an Air sign changes their mind, seemingly at random.

Water Signs
Are among the most sensitive and empathetic people that anybody could hope to encounter. Anybody born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio will react better to a velvet glove than an iron fist, and should be treated accordingly. Water signs are as deep as ocean itself, but equally as unpredictable; their moods can change without warning based on their environment.

Earth Signs
Like to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Those born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo like to deal with facts and tangibles, not maybes and possibilities; you will rarely find such people engaging in flights of fantasy. Earth signs appreciate security and are as loyal as the day is long, but will jealously guard what is theirs – whether that is a material possession or a personal relationship.


What Can Astrology Do for You?

Now that you understand the nature of your star sign, it’s time to gain insight into what daily horoscopes mean.

Cynics may claim that, if accurate, a daily horoscope should be able to accurately predict next week’s lottery numbers. This suggests an innate misunderstanding of what astrology can do for us.

Astrology Offers Guidance
Astrology is not designed to tell your fortune, and inform you what events will transpire in your personal affairs in the coming days, weeks and months. With over 7 billion people in the world, this would be literally impossible or we would all be living the same life as our peers!

What this art can assist with, however, is offering guidance and support – and maybe even hope during a dark time in our lives. What’s more, different star signs enjoy varying levels of relationship compatibility with each other due to differing reactions to circumstances and periods of the calendar.

With the aid of astrology we can look at problems and concerns from a different angle. A little knowledge about the impact that the lunar cycle will have upon our mind, body and spirit can go a long way.

Astrology is Linked to the Moon
Daily horoscopes are linked to the lunar cycle, and the location of the planets at any given time. To this end, a skilled astrologer will have an understanding about how those of us born under different signs will react at different times. For example, have you ever noticed that your behavior, and that of your loved ones, tends to differ during the full moon? This is down to astrology.

Let us take the aforementioned full moon as an example, as this is when many of us find ourselves at our most reactive. Somebody born under the sign of Scorpio is led by love at all times, and will find themselves particularly emotional at such a time. This may mean that they are particularly consumed by passion or affection for a partner or close friend – or quite the opposite. It’s possible that a Scorpio will overreact to a perceived slight during this time, so handle them with care!

At the other end of the spectrum, however, we have the Capricorn. Whilst people born under this sign tend to favor the tried-and-true, during the full moon they may feel uncharacteristically optimistic and flexible. If you’d like to propose change or a new opportunity to a Capricorn, do so when the moon is bright and full for a positive reaction. At other times, the Capricorn is more likely to fear change, and treat it with uncertainty and insecurity.

Learn the Lunar Cycle
If you are interested in learning more about astrology, and gaining an understanding of how you can expect yourself and your loved ones to behave during different points of the month, study the lunar cycle.

You will notice that the moon and Earth’s surrounding planets align in a variety of different directions throughout the calendar. As we have previously discussed, this will provoke a different reaction in every sign. As the moon travels throughout the sky, its gravitational pull will impact in different ways upon each of us – think of the moon as having twelve pit stops throughout its rotation.

Use Astrology to Your Advantage
This is where astrology helps us prepare for what be set to occur throughout our lives. If our mindset is reliant upon the moon’s phase in the sky, we will be able to anticipate the impact it will have upon us.

A little understanding of astrology can help us brace ourselves for what the future holds, and will ensure that we are suitably equipped for the many twists and turns that life has in store for us.


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