Palmistry Guide

Palmistry is growing very popular throughout the world as an opportunity to learn more about us, and to hopefully gain insights into what the future may hold. After all, we all like to know what’s coming so we can prepare ourselves! However, the art form must be shown the appropriate respect, or leaves us all ripe for exploitation. Read on for a palmistry guide, which will shine a light on all your may need to know about the techniques and practices involved.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry, which first gained prominence in China and India but has since spread to many countries and cultures, is the spiritual art of assessing a person’s character and future from the shape and lines of their hands. If you have a question, situation or decision to make and are wondering which way to turn, allow palmistry to guide you in the right direction. You will be pleasantly surprised at just how much insight can be gleaned from a reading.

Which Hand is Used for a Palmistry Reading?

The palmistry reader will often ask to see both of your hands, even though they will place particular emphasis on the right hand. This is because the right hand tends to carry all information pertaining to a person’s adult life – including their character traits, and how they respond to particular situations – while the left can provide supplemental information pertaining to childhood.

Why Does the Shape of My Hand Matter?

You may not be aware of this, but human hands all tend to come under one of four shapes. Based on the size and shape of your palm and fingers, and the dimensions between them, your hand shape will be assigned one of the elements – air, wind, fire or earth. Your palmistry guide will be able to tell a great deal about your character from this, and offer advice on how you can find the happiness and contentment that we are search for.

How About the Lines on My Palm?

The lines found on your palm have are hugely important to your palmistry guide – and this is not limited to their length. How pronounced the lines are on the hand, and whether they are broken up at any point, can be just as pivotal to a palmistry reading as whether the line stretches across the entire hand. The lines on your palm will provide insight into your character, as well as what the future may hold – whether this pertains to your career, love life, health, quest for success and happiness and much more besides.

Where Can I Have a Palmistry Reading?

You will probably find somebody capable of performing a palmistry reading close to you, but you can guarantee an accurate and genuine reading without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Just install the PalmistryHD app on your phone or tablet and let one of our skilled and experienced palmistry guides do the rest for you – it will be the most fascinating decision that you make today!

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