How to Read Palms

So, you’re interested in learning how to read palms? We’d like to commend you on your curiosity – the art of palmistry is a fascinating study into the human condition, and provides all manner of insights into who we are, and why we behave in the way that we do! Learning how to read palms is not as simple as taking a look at a subject’s hand and comparing notes, however; this a skill that takes a great many years to master in order to ensure accuracy and quality in the reading. Throughout this guide, however, we are delighted to offer insights into the two core elements of palmistry.

Left or Right Hand?

Both hands can be used for a palm reading, though the right hand is usually dominant in representing adulthood – the left hand is often used to assess past experiences.

Hand Shape

The first thing that anybody hoping to learn how to read palms will need to master is the shape of the hand, and what this means. There are four key hand shapes that any palm reader will encounter, and each of these will be assigned to one of the elements. The Fire Hand is distinguished by the long, rectangular palm and short fingers; the Earth Hand will have a smaller, square hand with short fingers; the Water Hand has a long, rectangular palm and slender fingers, while the Air Hand is shorter in the palm, but boasts lengthy fingers. Much likes star signs that can be assigned to the elements and denote personality types, hand shapes can provide real insight into a persons character. A skilled practitioner in the art of the palmistry will be able to identify a hand type upon sight, and share these insights with anybody interested in learning about himself or herself.

Lines on Palm

Of course, many people associate learning how to read palms with assessing the lines found on somebody’s hand, and that is certainly a hugely important part of the process. Once fully trained and skilled in the art form, a palm reader will be able to tell a great deal about what the future holds for the subject – as well as what experiences they may have lived through in the past, and how they will behave and react when finding themselves in particular situations – by assessing these lines.

Just some of the insights that can be gleamed once you have learned how to read palms are life expectancy and any health concerns that may lay in wait in the future (this is known as the lifeline), how personal and romantic relationships will unfold (the relationship line, which is sometimes referred to as the marriage line), whether financial success and abundance will flow towards you (the money line), what kind of career may be enjoyed (the fate line) and much, much more!

If you are interested in learning how to read palms – and why would you not be? – you should consider taking a reading of your own from a skilled practitioner. This is a service easily provided by installing the PalmistryHD app on your iOS or Android device – download it today!

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