Hand Reading

When we think of palmistry, our minds understandably run to a vision of somebody investigating grooves and lines located on our inner palms. Whilst these are undoubtedly hugely important, and provide a fascinating glimpse into our future, there is more to the art of hand reading than this. Did you know, for example, that the very size and shape of your hand can have a sizable influence on your personality type?

That’s right – much like our star signs, our hands can be assigned one of the four core elements of earth, air, fire or wind. Each of these different elements denotes a different set of personality tropes, and you’ll may just be shocked at how truthful they are when you compare your own nature! Take a look at your hand now, and discover which element you fall into by performing your own hand reading.

Long Palm, Short Fingers

This suggests that you are a Fire Hand. This element, as the name suggests, burns bright and hot, though it can be a little combustible – Fire Hands are a raging hurricanes of charm and personality, always looking for a new challenge and experience to fill their lives with.

Short Palm, Short Fingers

This is the shape of the Earth Hand – a sensible, loyal sort with their feet on the ground. If you are an Earth Hand you will be hugely resistant to change, which may cause some problems but is not insurmountable with a little flexibility, and you crave security in all walks of life.

Short Palm, Long Fingers

This is suggests that you are an Air Hand, and like the air, you don’t like to be restricted and stay in any one place for long. The Air Hand is born with an inquisitive mind and a natural wanderlust, which means that you will never be satisfied making do and staying in one place as long as there are more adventures to be had and things to learn.

Long Palm, Long Fingers

This is the Water Hand – the hand of the artist. Creativity and imagination are the most important things in the world to a Water Hand, who will never be satisfied making do and getting by with a conventional lifestyle. However, as a Water Hand you’ll need to be a little cautious about your natural sensitivity – don’t take on too much or you’ll just exhaust yourself.

If you have read these short profiles and found yourself nodding along in agreement, it suggests that you may be ready for a full hand reading! This is easy to achieve – you’ll simply need to head to the app store for Android or iOS on your gadget of choice and install PalmistryHD. This app will take a scan of your hand and palm, and provide a full and detailed reading from a skill palmist in return. If you’d like to know more about yourself, and what your future may hold, then be sure to install the app today!

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