Hand Lines

Are you keen to know what may unfold in your future – whether you are destined to live a long and healthy life, marry and have children, enjoy business success as an employee or entrepeneur, and experience a great deal of travel to a variety of exotic locations throughout the world? The art of palmistry can help you unlock these secrets, in addition to learning all kinds of things about yourself that you may not be aware of. If you learn how to read the hand lines found in your palm, which are unique and bespoke to you, all kinds of information will open itself up to you!

There are two types of hand lines on your palm that any palm reader will be able to identify – major and minor. The major hand lines make up the three largest markings in your palm, comprising of the lifeline, the head line, and the heart line. The lifeline, started below the thumb on your right hand, will be able to predict how long you will live, with a longer line suggesting a lengthier lifespan, but it could also denote just how energetic and vigorous you’ll be throughout your life. Be aware that a thin, faint line suggests that you tire easily, and you will need to keep a careful eye on your energy levels and resources!

You should also pay attention to the other major hand lines found on your palm; the head line especially, which is also referred to as the wisdom line. This found on the middle of your hand and stretches horizontally across the palm, and once again the length has an impact – a long line suggests that you prefer to think logically and embrace your intellect, while a shorter hand line is a sign of a more impulsive nature. Finally, investigate the love line (or heart line) which is found below the little finger; in a break from tradition here, a longer love line suggests that you could be a little too rigid in affairs of the heart and would benefit from increased flexibility.

Elsewhere on the palm, other hand lines – which are known as minor lines – complement these three core readings. Above the love line, for example, you’ll find lines that denote how many children you can expect to have (deep grooves denote masculine offspring, and a fainter lines feminine), and how long you may be married – a long marriage line, unsurprisingly, suggests a long and happy marriage, while a shorter or absent one means that you may marry later in life. You’ll also find your health line towards the bottom of the left-hand side of your palm, which will denote whether you will battle injury or illness during your life, and you’ll even find travel lines at the bottom of your hand.

If that has left you interested learning about what the hand lines on your own palm may mean, the PalmistryHD app – now available on iOS and Android – can help with this. Upon installing the app a scan or your hand and palm will be taken, and an experienced palmistry practitioner will furnish you with a full and detailed reading that will open your eyes to all kinds of hitherto-untapped information about yourself. Try it out today!

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